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First Impressions

The purpose of First Impressions Ministries is to extend a genuine greeting of love, warmth, and acceptance to every individual that attends Hartford City Wesleyan Church. We serve with hearts of grace and devotion as we welcome both guests and HCWC family into the pursuit of a complete and total commitment to Jesus Christ.

First impressions is all about providing the best experience to each and every person on our campus, and we rely on our volunteer teams to make that possible.

There are four main parts and serving roles for the First Impressions Team: Greeters, Welcome Center Host/Hostess, Parking Attendants, and Welcome Callers.


The role of a greeter is broken into two parts: relational and meeting practical needs. Greeters are one of the first people our guests interact with during our services, and this first impression usually sets the tone for the guest's entire experience.  A smile, a hello, and a handshake can go a long way. Greeters also distribute materials including a weekly bulletin, collect offerings, and provide assistance when needed.


The Welcome Center is our information center located in the gathering area outside the sanctuary.  It is where we have all our information materials as well as sign-ups and registrations for upcoming classes and events. The goal is to ensure our guests and members have an obvious place to get questions answered.


Welcome Callers are the "behind-the-scenes" members of our First Impressions Team, who assist in the follow-up of first-time guests. They help provide an additional opportunity for not only welcoming our guests, but in answering any questions.

First Impressions: Welcome
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