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Children's Ministries: Welcome



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Hartford City Wesleyan offers Sunday School and Worship child care classes to all age groups. Children's Ministry covers kids 0 - 6th grade. We offer classes for all.

 The main focuses of the infant nursery is to keep the children safe and happy so the parents can focus on their spiritual growth. Actually this applies throughout Children's Ministry

In the preschool group we start Bible lessons while teaching the children listening skills, sharing, and positive interaction. While keeping things geared Christ.

K-6 grade classes are always looking for fun new ways to guide our kiddos in there spiritual journey. Hartford City Wesleyan is currently using the "GO!" curriculum during Children's Church  and the "Wesley" for Sunday School.

We have several fun activities throughout the year, such as bowling, swimming, Easter egg hunt and our Christmas party. As well as service projects.

Still have questions? Contact Zera in our Staff section        !

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