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3 Ways to promote this event for families on social media

  1. First, please LIKE, COMMENT, or SHARE when you see a post about Summer Adventure on the Hill (posts from HCWC and ones posted by your friends!) Mix up your engagement: if you comment on one, share or like another.

  2. DOWNLOAD a graphic below and post a it directly. We have some suggested text below to spark some ideas of what to say, but be free to use your own words. This may help even more than sharing a post!

  3. CLICK HERE to add a Summer Adventure on the Hill frame to your profile! 


Put frame to your Facebook profile pic with a photo of you and a child you love! :) Then add a description like: "We're looking forward to Summer Adventure on the Hill! Will you join us? Ask me about it!"

Click on a graphic to download it to your Downloads folder. Upload it to Facebook and add a personal invite! See below for ideas of what to say.

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Ideas for What to Say in Your Posts
Ideas for What to Say in Your Posts
  • Hey, all my HC friends with kiddos — are you looking for something fun and memorable to do with your kids this summer? Check out Summer Adventure on the Hill at!

  • I'm looking forward to making memories with my (kids, grands, nieces, nephews, neighborhood friends) at Summer Adventure on the Hill! I think it will be a highlight of our summer. (In the comments you can add a link to pre-register at

  • Summer is slipping away fast! I want to make the most of it, so our clan is headed to Summer Adventures on the Hill, July 17 & 18, 9am-3pm at Hartford City Wesleyan Church. DM me if you want details!

  • I made it a goal to get the kids off their screens and spend some quality family time together — so we're signed up for Summer Adventure on the Hill at Hartford City Wesleyan Church. Message me for details!

  • I’m so excited about Summer Adventures on the Hill! It’s a FREE 2-day event for families on the hill next to our church, Hartford City Wesleyan. Enjoy tons of family fun like bounce house, giant slip ’n slide, great music, science experiment, and petting zoo — too much to pack in this post. Ask me about it if you’re interested, or you can pre-register at!

  • Bounce house, petting zoo, giant slip 'n slide, getting kids outside and away from screens — what's not to love about Summer Adventure on the Hill?! I'm looking forward to the memories with my kids.

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