Josh Munoz
Director of Worship

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Josh Munoz grew up in the church. With his parents both being youth pastors, he was introduced to Jesus at a young age. He came to know Jesus during his middle school years and has not looked back since. Through the years Josh felt a call to ministry and is now pursuing a degree in Christian Ministry at Taylor University.  

Fun Factoid

Josh is from the beautiful state of Minnesota. Just ask and you’ll probably hear more about it than you originally intended.

Guilty Pleasure

Josh enjoys trying to win against friends while playing Mario Super Sluggers on the Wii.

His Passion

Josh has a passion for seeing communities coming together to worship the name of Jesus. In his eyes there is nothing more beautiful than people joining together in their joy or sorrow and worshiping the one true God. In his pursuit of Jesus, Josh hopes to see the congregation become better worshipers of Christ, not only through the avenue of music, but in everyday life.