Ben Robison
Director of Student Ministries



Ben Robison has grown up in the church his entire life but was not introduced to the person of Jesus Christ until his youth pastor poured into his life. It was during this time that Ben became a Christian and felt the call to ministry. He currently attends Taylor University and is studying Youth Ministry.  

Fun Factoid

God used skunks to save Ben’s life. You can ask him about it sometime.

Guilty Pleasure

Ben’s guilty pleasure is playing Mario Super Sluggers or Mario Kart on the Wii. If anyone thinks they can beat him, he considers it a challenge.

His Passion

Students. Students are Ben’s passion. He desires to work with them and see them grow in their love and pursuit of Jesus no matter how much or little they’ve been to church. Out of this growing love and pursuit of Jesus, Ben hopes to see students take ownership of their faith and share it with those around them.